The Euroleague Players Association (ELPA, Euroleague Players Association in English) celebrated last May 10 the 3rd edition of EPIC, the International Sports Performance Congress (ELPA Performance International Congress, in English) which this year was held at the TecnoCampus Congress Center. It is the most important meeting that takes place in the specific area of ​​basketball in all of Europe and, at the same time, one of the most important in the Old Continent in terms of sports performance in general.

Once the Final Four in Berlin has been decided, continental basketball is now focusing its attention on the health of the players. The saturation of the calendar has caused the concern among sports professionals to be very high and that more and more emphasis is placed on what can be done to improve the quality of life of the players.

The conclusions will be analyzed by the Committee of Experts of the same Players Association. In total, there were 14 presentations with the European vanguard of sports performance in the world of basketball. The TecnoCampus in Mataró was attended by representatives of the Euroleague, the NBA Players’ Union, Barça, Efes Istanbul, Olímpia de Milan and Baskonia. The academic world was not left out either and the EPIC had the presence of teachers from the University of Zagreb, INEFC, UTAD in Portugal or from TecnoCampus itself.

There were about 400 registered between on-site and online attendees. Mataró took over the edition that took place last year in Césena (Italy). According to Nachbar, “it makes all the sense in the world for us to come here. Catalonia is the land of basketball. There are more than 400 clubs and they are everywhere. Both the City Council and the TecnoCampus have welcomed us with the open arms and we are very happy to be here.”

In the image, Nachbar with the general director of TecnoCampus, Josep Lluís Checa, and the councilor for Sports of Mataró, Beatriz Delgado, at the signing of the agreement that has allowed TecnoCampus to host the congress.