Auditori Centre de Congressos TecnoCampus

950 m2 | 323 people


It has adjoining rooms for the reception of speakers, a press room, and three simultaneous translation booths. It includes a projector, screens, Wi-Fi, public address system with various types of microphones and a VIP room.

Ideal for:

Congresses, conventions, conferences, days…

New quality equipment

With capacity for more than 300 people, equipped with the latest technology for all kinds of events.


A noble space, at the height of the best occasions

The architecture and attention to detail make the auditorium a noble space, worthy of the best events.


Infinity of atmospheres

The enormous possibilities of the lighting system allow any kind of ambience, warm, close, focused on the speaker, or in general in the room.



Wide access to be able to carry out receptions and the services of the apat service.


Surface area
Uses Congresses, days, conferences
Capacity 323 people


Technical data
3 simultaneous translation booths
VIP room for speakers, annexed to the auditorium stage.
Central screen and two side screens

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